Friday, 25 March 2011

Establishing a stall

I thought I'd start to keep a kind of diary about how Emma Barrett Designs is going. The reasons for doing this is mainly because I want to be able to look back at all my efforts to get EB Designs off the ground and feel like I'm getting somewhere each work or even each day. If you write it down and it's out there in the world, it makes you accountable! So, I'm making myself accountable, if I want success I have to make it happen.

So my focus this week has been on two things. Making better use of twitter, I'm a tweeting novice so I've been learning how to do it and now I've got some followers and I'm following some people and organisations. I feel like I might get more exposure for Emma Barrett Designs. My other area this week was to try and get myself a stall or stand in a craft fair. Again this is about accountability. If I have a place where I have to be on a certain date it forces me into action and there are no excuses not to create some stock. With the help of a friend, Clare, I found out about Merton Abbey Mills in Colliers Wood. I spoke to the organiser and was approved for a stall whenever I want it! Then, today, through another friend, Anita, I secured another stall at a charity event in May. It's called 'Putting on the Blitz!' and theres a facebook page for it, if you'd like to know more. So, now, I have a LOAD of stock to make for both events and I'm a little bit scared by this.

A busy weekend ahead but also a positive weekend too.

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