Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend prep

Well, I've had a really busy weekend. I made bunting.

Here's EBDesigns top three tips for making bunting.

1 - Make yourself a template and use it every time you cut out a shape.

2 - Use cotton fabric and interface your shapes to stop them going floppy.

3 - If you're really confident, make them double sided so that when they flap in the breeze, you get a flash of another colour. It looks very pretty.

Bunting is a really easy way to decorate a garden or a house for a special occasion or just because you fancy brightening up a room. In my case I decided to hang the bunting on the stairs.

But you can also put it outside.
EBDesigns bunting has another added twist in that it's not only reversible but it's also customised. You can decide what colour and what order your bunting will be. Thanks to the addition of little buttons, it's all up to you!
I feel quite smug about my clever bunting. Remember everything I blog about is made by me and is available from my website. See you soon!

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