Monday, 28 March 2011

Facebook thrills

So today, I was looking at Facebook and feeling quite pleased with my 117 (or 118 it always seems to fluctuate for some reason) fans.

I started my Emma Barrett Designs Facebook page a couple of months ago and initially a few friends signed up (hooray for friends who want to support you but I always feel like it's nice of my friends, but if I'm honest, kind of expected too). Come on, admit it, friends are a given for anyone's facebook fan page.

So whenever, I get a complete stranger becoming a 'fan' on facebook I get a thrill. Someone likes me and likes what I do? How absolutely amazing is that!

One day I had a woman in the USA become a fan and post some friendly, positive comments on my wall about the things I make. I was so excited for the rest of the day. I felt thrilled that someone so far away from London would be interested in what I do.

Perhaps the cynics among you would say, 'she only liked you so that you would like her page back'. So what? We're both winners in that scenario and if she looks at my photos, reads my posts and perhaps makes a comment now and then and continues to be a fan, then that's just peachy with me.

So, make my day, become a fan of Emma Barrett Designs today. Click on the facebook link to the right of this blog and think about how happy you'll be making me feel. Such a little thing for anyone to do to express their liking for my makes but such a massive boost to someone starting out with their own company. Thank you lovely facebook likers.

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  1. Hi Emma,

    Great post. I'm a Fan of your Page and it gives me chance to see the latest addition to your collection and your sales announcement. It's win win.

    I'm addicted to your jewellery, it's of much higher quality than pieces in high street shops.